Saturday, 12 July 2014


Thinking about logs for the woodburning stove in the middle of July may seem weird, but as we all know, frugality needs forward planning!
I've been saving all the cardboard tubes from my kitchen rolls and they are all stashed behind the settee - and, no I'm not going to show you a picture!
I only use about one kitchen roll a week, but we use about 2-3 cardboard logs each time we light the fire, so as the winter wears on I may have to also resort to using toilet roll holders, but they're bit small though, and probably burn a bit quicker.
Anyway to get to the making of the logs - just ram your cardboard tubes tightly with scrap paper or newspaper (I use all the stuff I would normally have to shred). They burn longer of course, the more paper you push in. You need something with a longish handle to really ram the paper hard down and I use an old ice cream scoop - the type that are made from one piece of metal not the squeezy handle types!
These paper logs help get the fire started (especially if you have don't have much kindling) and will also burn for a fairly long time. 

Friday, 2 May 2014


Keep an eye on your local pound shop for brand name cosmetics and toiletries. Alongside the "no-name" stuff there's often a few really good quality brands! Rimmel, Revlon and Maybelline can sometimes be found at the bargain price of just £1.
These brands are not always in store and can sell out quickly when they are - just pop in on a regular basis and you're sure to find a bargain sooner or later!


Save your small change!
It's a fact that one in three British people actually throw away their loose change - unbelievable! Save your small change in a large jam jar and you'll have a nice little bonus to spend on something nice when you finally empty it out and bank it! I have a 20p saver and an old tin to save 5ps in and it wasn't long before I had £25 worth of coins to bank.
Don't use supermarket coin sorting and counting machines - they take a cut of your cash! Just ask your bank for a few (free) money bags, check the printed instructions on the front which will tell you how many coins you can put in a bag - and you're all set! 
You will have to pay the coins into your bank account - very few banks will just change the coins up for you now, and remember, some have a limit of 5 bags per transaction.

Thursday, 24 April 2014


If you use doggy bags for your pooch's poo, then don't buy the expensive ones from pet stores. Supermarket nappy bags work out much cheaper at around 12p per 100 - and smell nice too!


Watch TV programmes for free with your Tesco Clubcard. Clubcard TV is a free online service offering films, box sets, drama, cartoons, animation and more.
You will need to watch through a smart TV, your lap-top connected to a standard TV, a computer or other digital streaming device (ipad, smartphone etc).


If, like me, you have weeds already coming up everywhere in your garden- paving slabs, walls, shingle driveways and paths - then you need this safe weedkiller. Just 3 cheap ingredients and a spray bottle are all you need. Cost is minimal - my vinegar was 0.96p for 1 litre, salt was 0.29p for the whole container pictured above and the washing-up liquid works out at less than 0.2p for a tablespoon! I did buy a spray bottle, though (0.69p). So my total cost for this weedkiller was around £1.96!
Just put a heaped tablespoon of salt into a spray bottle with a tablespoon of washing-up liquid and fill up with distilled vinegar. Shake well and don't worry if it foams up - this will subside later and you can then top up your spray bottle completely with vinegar.
Label your bottle - (a CD pen or other permanent marker is ideal).
Spray on your weeds on a dry sunny day and leave them to wither. If it's forecast to rain you should wait and do your spraying another day, as you want quite a few hours for the weedkiller to work before it gets washed off!
One word of caution, this weedkiller will kill weeds and any other plants it comes into contact with - that makes it fairly unsuitable to treat weeds in flowerbeds as it will be almost impossible to avoid your plants!
Happy frugal gardening!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Want things to do for free in the Easter holidays? Take a look at these websites to get some great ideas.
Do Free Stuff
This site is not all that easy to navigate, but if you click on your country along the top, then click your county in the green box top centre, to find free things to do in your county.
Woodland Trust
Find your nearest wood and take a lovely long walk! This time of year you should see bluebells and wood anemones and the website has suggestions of what to do once you're there and what events may be on.
50 Things to do
The National Trust's site with suggestions for 50 things to do before you're eleven and three-quarters. They have a search box to find nearest places to you and you can download the poster of the full list of activities. Whilst most are free, some activities will cost something to do. 
Happy Frugal Easter!